Travel and the Coronavirus: Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik

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Tourism is back on the map! Croatia has 2 new COVID-19 cases in the last 72 hours with 90% of infected recovered. There is NO 14-day quarantine upon arrival as of a good epidemiological situation. Welcome to Croatia.

If you are looking to enjoy some summer sunshine after being housebound for months due to the COVID-19 lockdown, come to Croatia. The good thing about Croatia is that you can always find an isolated place here, as it’s only 4 million of us.

Imagine Stradun only for yourself? Sounds good, eh? Croatian borders are opened for tourists. Upon entry, tourists must have a confirmed reservation, and at the border, they will receive instructions for a safe stay in the country. Hello Dubrovnik is bringing you overview for your safe travels on the subject: Travel and the coronavirus: Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik.

3. Travel and the Coronavirus Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik
2. Travel and the Coronavirus Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik

Travel and the Coronavirus: Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik situation



With stunning views of the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea, the iconic Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik has been opened through the entire pandemic providing the accommodation to the health care stuff and it will remain open for the season. Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is only 50 meters from the historic entrance at Pile Gate. As it has always been, the safety and security of their guests and team members remained their highest priority. Check-in is adjusted and physical contact with the guests has been reduced introducing a new standard of hotel cleanliness and disinfection by HiltonCleanStay program. They measure body temperature to all employees as a measure of prevention when arriving at work. If staying at their hotel, it is not necessary to use public city transportation for sightseeing or for going to the beach, which is currently a priority. Join Hilton Honors and please click here for additional information about their Commitment to their Guests.

6 kilometres south of Dubrovnik, along with Dubrovnik Riviera Sheraton hotel, is situated in the vicinity of sandy beach shopping mall and numerous bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect location if you want to enjoy the sun and sea opening its doors July 1st. It’s the place for hiking and tracking or just walking around exploring nearby fishermen villages and some abandoned locations. As Sheraton hotel is huge it’s easy to keep a social distance. Given the current situation, it is likely that they will have a custom rather than a standard breakfast buffet. They will adapt their usual workstations where meals are displayed and the breakfast buffet is set up by directing guests to ‘show cooking’ stations instead of workstations.

Keep up to date, as they will present special offers that will, for example, include a free transfer, massage or discount in their restaurants and bars when booking accommodation.

4. Travel and the Coronavirus Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik

Besides that European countries like Italy, Spain, France and the UK must be in self-isolation for 14 days, there is NO 14-day quarantine in Croatia because of good epidemiological situation.


Apartment Eja is located in a private house in a peaceful location above the Old City of Dubrovnik with amazing views, while Laneli apartment is situated in Lapad area in a residential building with free private parking closed to some famous beaches. You can easily self-isolate here and its a perfect place if you choose to stay in Dubrovnik for longer than three days.

Travel and the Coronavirus: POST-COVID-19 IN DUBROVNIK SITUATION


Restaurants and bars have been opening up and excited to greet guests. If you fancy pizza, Pizzeria Castro in Old Town is a great place to visit. While you are eating pizza you will be sitting at the Gundulić Square, reminding guests of Italy and Spain. Many locals frequent Taj Mahal. It’s known for its authentic Bosnian cuisine and charming ambiance.  At the moment they are offering a 15% discount at their Taj Butcheraj meat boutique to everyone who spends above 100,00 Croatian kuna at their restaurant which is good if you choose cooking while on holidays. When you are ready for a glass of wine, cold beer or coffee, multiple places have opened up on Stradun and Prijeko Street.

Travel and the Coronavirus: POST-COVID-19 IN DUBROVNIK SITUATION


There is plenty of COVID free activities you can choose from. You can go to Lokrum island to spend a unique day relaxing in nature or you can go swimming from Banje Beach and enjoy the stunning views around you. You can choose to do some activities like hiking to Srđ, as Dubrovnik Cable Car has suspended its operations until further notice, or you can explore Dubrovnik by boat with Rewind. If you are more into culture, pay a visit to the House of Marin Držić and learn why we love him so much. All of them are respecting the instructions given by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.If you want to buy souvenirs, none of the souvenir shops are currently open. You can contact Crafts & Stones and Clara Stones online, and get your unique souvenir produced in Dubrovnik.

So if you choose to have your summer vacation the destination is safe, affordable, accessible, English is widely spoken, great food and wine, lots to see and do. German airline Lufthansa has announced the resumption of its fleet in June with flights to tourist destinations, including Dubrovnik. Freedom of movement is one of the fundamentals of Europe.

5. Travel and the Coronavirus Post-COVID-19 in Dubrovnik
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