Travel and the Coronavirus: Post-COVID-19 in Zagreb & Hrvatsko Zagorje

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Zagreb is timeless. 

It is one of few cities that is developing into a modern metropolis while keeping its historic core intact. 

Driving from Istria, we are finally in the capital. Check-in at the Westin Zagreb is going great and smooth. Inside the lobby, you will likely find your favorite hotel looks different. Staff may no longer escort you to — or show you around.

What we love about this business hotel is the central location which gives us amazing ability to go on the foot for our favorite Beer hall “Zlatni Medo” dish. Above all, we love to pack light, stay fit. Especially when Westin Gear Lending helps you keep moving with New Balance workout gear for only 35,00 Kn to stay in the shape while traveling.

Travel and the Coronavirus, Post-COVID-19 in Zagreb and Hrvatsko Zagorje
Travel and the Coronavirus, Post-COVID-19 in Zagreb and Hrvatsko Zagorje Kumrovec

Zagreb is within easy day-trip distance of countless sites of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Hrvatsko Zagorje is a must visit!

For instance, we are going to explore the surrounding areas. We start with Kumrovec. It is a place where you can breathe a strange peace and the memory of the presence of Tito. In addition to beautiful landscapes, visitors to Kumrovec are true history experts. They are very well familiar with terms such as the Iron Curtain, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, and all other political terms from the last century.

Travel and the Coronavirus, Post-COVID-19 in Zagreb and Hrvatsko Zagorje Veliki Tabor

Did you know perhaps the most iconic train journey of all time, Orient Express is Croatian inspiration moment? 


During Tito’s life, Kumrovec was an unavoidable point in honor of his birthdays. After his death, with the symbolic act of planting 88 maples, people from Kumrovec wanted to plant one maple for each year of his life, to preserve lasting memories of Josip Broz Tito.

Fun fact: Josip Broz Tito was born in a place 20 km away from the place where the first Croatian President Franjo Tudjman was born.

The story is inspired by a journey Agatha Christie had on the very train. You can still see the little part of that train crossing through Kumrovec, entering Slovenia, and going back to Croatia.

Near is relaxation zone Terme Jezerčica and Krapina where you can visit Neanderthal Museum. As you are already there, pay your visit to a just of couple km away to the magnificent Veliki Tabor castle. One of the most important cultural and historical monuments of secular architecture in continental Croatia.

 In addition to this, are you familiar with Ludbreg? According to local legend, Ludbreg is considered to be at the center of the world. We now approach another interesting spot, Podgarić. Here we see a monument dedicated to the Revolution of the Moslavina citizens during WWII.

After driving on side roads, you can return by highway to Zagreb. We continue our way to discover the place where Dunav river kisses the sky. Slavonia. 

Photo credit: Ivan Vuković Vuka

Travel and the Coronavirus, Post-COVID-19 in Zagreb and Hrvatsko Zagorje Dunav Slovenia
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